Our Education System and it’s hungry toungue

Our Education System and it’s hungry toungue

Our Education System and it’s hungry toungue

Actually through the education, people are getting civilised, becoming more ethical in lifestyle! Right?

Knowledge on Technology of the new generation may be better than previous generations!

But I concerned about Science, Philosophy, Literature and lot more! The newcomers are very much ignorant on the above!

This phenomenon is observable by last 10 years after the privatisation of education! 

Actually if you defence for this system by listing the facilities and the betterments provided by these private institutions  when compared to the earlier classes under the trees, then you are not synching with my frequency!

Life-science is science of life that we live in India with our culture and our people! Not the life being lived by people of English countries! They have their life science with them! Why do we concern about their life, without the knowledge on what is our life!

We must learn about what are we and what was our history and what is our literature! 

It is simply starts when the kids learning ‘Rain rain go away’, the poem made for the land which gets 18 hours of rain in a day and not for ours where we missed rain for more than two years!

Azha Valliyappa, Sakthi Vai Govindan, Avvaiyar, Mahakavi Bharathi, Kaniyan Poongundran, Bharathithaasan (and the list is almost endless!) and their thoughts were amazing! They were Poets who made great contributions to Tamil Literature. Similarly, there were great poets in all other languages like Bengali, Marathi, etc., Their works were carrying corresponding cultures and identities to the newer and younger generations of these respective.

We refused to teach their literature work to our children! This is seriously ridicules! Don’t we have time to realise this?

  • What we want is our child should speak English, Hindi, French and more! 
  • And what was the solution we found is make them learn Physics, Chemistry, Science, Literature History and all subjects in English! 
  • But what happens really is, since we don’t speak English at home, shops, park, hotel or where ever we take our children, the child thinks that English is something comes in our subject and struggles to learn it, not only the language but the other subjects too! The child tries to memorise everything and somehow he/she does until the exams are over and nothing beyond it!

I could see most of our new generation buds are unaware of living with morels and ethics! They don’t speak English, the medium through which they studied, fluently and they don’t even speak or write in their mother-tongue!

So, they actually lost their communication skills. We are actually spoiling our next generation by this system of Education! 

The care takers are busy with earning money and we are even more careless!

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