Music is happiness!

Music is happiness!

Music is happiness!

Everyone born in this world, must enjoy some quality music in his/her life! Being an Indian, I strongly believe that our first and favourite musician is our mother! I still remember the lullaby sung by my mother. It was possible for me to remember that because she sung for my younger brother too!

My father used to assemble and service cassette players, radios, turntables and amplifiers at home. It was the time I started listening to the music. I should say that my father guided me with his great sense of good music and lyrics particularly by Tamil poets, Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Kavignar Kannadasan, Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram and many more. And composers like M S Viswanathan and Ramamoorthy, K V Mahadevan, Ilayaraaja, V Kumar, Shankar Ganesh and few!

Isaignani Ilayaraja
The Legend of Indian Music

The mega entry of Isaignani Ilayaraaja to the film industry was on the same year I born. So his film music life has the same as my age!

My uncle always used to remember the song composed by Ilayaraaja, ‘Kannan Oru Kai Kuzhandhai’ (means that Lord Kannan/Krishna is an infant) as that song was specially recognised by my family just because when it got released, I was the first child, bringing such a happiness to the entire big family includes my 4 uncles, and grand parents, so it was a co-incidence.

Somehow Isaignani’s music always makes my mind and sole happy, it was right from my childhood! Everyone who loves music, should listen to his compositions and his arrangements of instruments in his music! Every song has it’s own uniqueness in it.

It was my great ambition to collect all the original music composed by Isaignani Ilayaraaja. Before year 2000, audio cassettes are well known form of music. From the year 2000 onwards I started collecting original Audio CDs of soundtracks by Ilayaraaja!

Soothing sound of music from vinyl

When I started earning, I mostly spend it to buy audio cassettes. Somehow I realised the sound of music comes out of vinyl records is soothing than any other sources. In the year of 1997, when I was studying in college, a software tool named WinAmp got released which bought the famous Mpeg layer 3 format audio. Unfortunately, this is the starting point of demolition of quality music. People started sharing MP3 format files over the internet and computers. This form of music is actually a compressed and lossy one. I continued to like original form of music through cassettes and CDs. The audio sales,  When there is no source of original music with me, I was helpless and no other go than MP3 music.

My father had few long-play old vinyl records of Tamil and English albums. BoneyM, Mandingo are few of them to mention. From the year 2015 I started collecting Vinyl records. I searched them with the help of my friends and now I own nearly 1000 records of various languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and few English albums.

I have setup a listening room at my home. It is a small 100 square foot room equipped with Denon DP 300F turn table, Yamaha CD-N301 natural sound network Audio CD player, Marrantz PM6005 Analog Amplifier and Monitor Audio Bronze II speakers connected via Chord speaker cable.

My Listening Room

It was a big investment for a typical india’s lifestyle but we won’t regret what we paid for when we enjoy the quality of sound and that too for listening to the legends’ music.

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