My Photowalk Group

My Photowalk Group

My Photowalk Group

Street photography is surely a great hobby and healthy activity for both the mind and body.

I got interested in photography because of my great friend, college senior, Mr Easwaramoorthy! My first favourite photo enthusiast! 

When I was in Chennai, I used to join with Photowalkers, a group of photo enthusiasts in the city, walking in selected streets on some of the mornings of pleasant sundays, taking pictures of the beauty of the city, people and happenings over there. It was a great experience and of course a path for my learning on photography.

When I am shifted to Coimbatore, the city of me, I was just missing the photowalk events. One of my great friends, mentor, Professor Dr. S. Karthik asked me to organise a photowalkers group in Coimbatore. Just 4 months back from the time I am writing this post, I reached my friends and followers in facebook to know their interest in participation. It was a reasonable head-count to start this event. This is the way how the Kovai Photography Group got formed.

It was decided to start the first photowalk of Kovai Photography Group from Anna Silai to Sungam bypass via the beautiful walkers park in racecourse. We are sharing our photos in the Kovai Photography group in facebook.

Surely it is going to continue for many years and I hope more number of youngsters will get interested in Photography. 

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